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Digital music players caused a furore when they first arrived on the scene, as music moguls everywhere feared that without the need to purchase a hardcopy of an album, consumers would enjoy artists’ hard work for free, and the profits derived from an enormously lucrative industry would be depleted in a serious way. A few years on, it’s obvious that the industry of music creation hasn’t collapsed under the weight of such digital music players as the iPod, which holds a ninety percent share of the digital music player market. But now, it seems, another area of the music industry is in fear of its life.

You may have heard the term ‘iPod wedding’ being bandied about, but rest assured that humanity has not yet lost all respect for the sacred bonds of marriage and begun to indulge in formalized commitments to their electronic gadgets. The term, in fact, refers to the new, money sving trend of ditching the wedding singer or DJ in favor of another musical mediator. Newly wed couples are now celebrating their nuptials to the sounds that emanate from their iPods.

And with the expense of weddings rising, seemingly, every year, who can blame them. To have a live band play at your wedding can cost upward of a thousand dollars, while a DJ can cost less, but not much, at a price tag of about six hundred. For many brides and grooms, the opportunities for cutting financial corners are slim, with many couples unwilling to compromise on other such other wedding essentials as the rings and the bride’s gown. Setting up your iPod then, with its enormous capacity for storing a huge variety of songs, to take care of your music for the occasion seems to make a whole of sense.

There are a multitude of other advantages to choosing an iPod as your wedding day entertainer. The newly married couple are free to choose precisely the music they want played at their special event, without worrying about the weird and wonderful tastes of a band or DJ. An iPod is also around half the price of a DJ, and as the couple can use it after the wedding for their own personal use, represents a double bargain. With the giving of favors to wedding guests a popular tradition, a wedding iPod is also a wonderful favor for the couple to give themselves, allowing them use and enjoy every day an item that is likely to evoke wonderful memories of a happy day.

An iPod is an ideal way to save money at any big occasion, and allows you to share the music you love with the people you care about. But while the iPod is a powerful tool, DJs and bands shouldn’t throw in the hat just yet – the iPod didn’t kill the music industry and with the continuing popularity of live music at weddings, it’s unlike to ruin their business either.

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7 Uniquely Creative Things To Do With Your Wedding Photos

7 Uniquely Creative Things To Do With Your Wedding Photos

1. Photos on Canvas

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your favourite wedding photo transformed into stunning photo art? By printing the image onto a hand-stretched canvas you can give an artistic, finished look to your most classic wedding photo.

2. Personalized Stamp

Turn your favourite wedding photo in a custom postage stamp. All you need to do is upload a photo and then customize it just the way you want. Each stamp is actual valid postage and can be used to decorate your thank you and holiday card envelopes or as creative wedding favours. Add a personal touch to everything you send by mail and create a timeless keepsake as well.

3. Custom Tank You Card

By featuring one of your wedding photos on the front of a custom note card you can create classy customized thank you cards for your guests and others who helped with your wedding planning. Each of your guests will now have a photo keepsake from your special day.

4. Create a Multimedia DVD Slide-Show

You can create a DVD slide-show presentation of your wedding photos that can be played on your TV. You can even select your first dance or other favourite song as your background music. A neat and interactive way to create a memory of your wedding day.

5. Online Scrap Book

Tell the story of your wedding by publishing an online scrapbook. Include photos from the events leading up to your big day including showers, stags, rehearsal parties as well as the ceremony and reception. Your scrapbook will be easy to share with all of your guests because it will be available via the internet.

6. Digital Photobook

Trendy coffee table style albums are becoming more and more popular with so many people looking for new ways to display their digital prints. These unique albums include hard cover options such as suede and canvas. The easy to use software helps you design your photobook just the way you want it with many choices for image sizes and layouts.

7. Wedding Caricature

A wedding caricature is cartoon version of you and your spouse on your wedding day. Each image is hand drawn by an artist and makes for the perfect first anniversary gift.

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UK wedding photographers

Wedding Photographers is your guide to finding wedding photographers in the uk

If you have an up and coming wedding searching for wedding photographers can be become tiresome. We are providing a simple way of finding your local wedding photographers. We are not offering you any other wedding services and we will not promote anything other than photographers.

If you are a wedding photographer and would like to join our orgainsation then please complete our form on the “Add me to your wedding photographers” page.

Wedding photographers can vary considerable in their style, packages offered type of equipment used and of course price! I you would like a qoute for a wedding photographer ask anyone of our listed photographers. We have taken the time to check sample work of all the wedding photographers listed to help ensure there are no hiccups for your wedding

If you fancy taking some of your own wedding photos then there is a link above offering tips on better photography form the countires leading wedding photographer

Photographers News

Wedding Photographers London
Our first photographers in london have just been added. Having viewed there work your wedding photos should be fantastic!.
Wedding photographer southampton
After searching on google for “wedding photographer southampton we now we have a wedding photographer for you!

Wedding Photographers is your guide to finding wedding photographers in the uk

wedding photographers london – wedding photographers london

wedding photographers basingstoke – wedding photographers basingstoke

wedding photographers hampshire – wedding photographers hampshire

wedding photographers surrey – wedding photographers surrey

Reportage wedding photographers – reportage wedding photographers

wedding photographers Newquay

wedding photographers devon The Wedding Photo Company

Getting a Wedding Photographer

A wedding is never complete without a wedding photographer.
He is the one who captures the best moments of the wedding
through his lens. Without the photographer and his
pictures, there would be no way to look back at the
ceremony after a few years.

Of course, the couple’s friends and relatives can take
pictures of the event, but nothing beats shots taken by a
professional wedding photographer.

First of all, only photographers have the access to some of
the fine moments of a wedding.

Sometimes this is done to
prevent people from crowding in one place to take pictures
during the ceremony.

Then there are also times when the relatives and friends
would rather watch the ceremony than snap pictures of the

But how do wedding photographers take fantastic pictures?
Good photographers always visualize their pictures even
before snapping them. That’s why it isn’t surprising to see
them going to the venue at least a day before the wedding.

By doing so, they will be able to anticipate what happens
during the wedding and be able to decide on the best angle
to take the pictures.

Aside from that, photographers also have a wide array of
equipment that will help them get the job done. Couples
don’t need to worry about dim shots or shots that are out
of focus because wedding photographers will always come in

And since they already visualized their shots, the tools
that they will bring will be geared towards taking the best
pictures of the wedding.

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